The Tipping Point

Malcolm Gladwell’s book “The Tipping Point” does an incredible job explaining how seemingly small events can lead up to a totally unforeseen “tipping point”. This tipping point can be any kind of large event, for example an unexpected trend in shoes or a huge decrease in crime in an unforeseen area. Let’s start out with … Continue reading

Meet (more of) My Classmates

Haven’t had enough? Not to worry! Here are a few more fabulous blogs to check out: So since I’ve already covered a couple blogs to help you cook, here’s one to help you work off those extra calories. Shannon McCarthy‘s blog is ALL about health and fitness. There’s some really great info in her posts … Continue reading

Meet My Classmates

One of the best aspects of this class is the fact we can blog about anything we want. This led to a huge variety of blog topics among my classmates. They’ve all been awesome to read because most of us chose to write about our passions. Here are a few: One of the tastiest blogs … Continue reading

A Short Biography

I’m a true Floridian, born and raised. I was lucky enough to live in a beautiful suburb of Ft. Lauderdale, called Cooper City, until I was 18. Growing up, my family took a lot of trips, but my favorites were always the cruises. I also found a passion for television production at a young age … Continue reading

Save Money on Airfare

So I seem to be on a money-saving kick (when it comes to travel at least). Since I’ve already talked about saving on tours, I think it’s worth mentioning ways to save on the trip over! Airfare has often been the biggest expense on my international trips. This post I found on London layovers reminded … Continue reading

Save Money on Excursions

It’s no secret- traveling can be expensive. I found that out very quickly during my trip to Paris. Every attraction or tour I was interested seemed to cost an arm and a leg. I was at a total loss because we were so strapped for time and couldn’t hunt around for deals… However, I think … Continue reading

SEO 101

I’ll be honest here, before tonight I knew next to nothing about Search Engine Optimization. However, I’ve come to find it’s a really cool subject. In order to grow your website, it’s important to actually get the word out. SEO can help do just that. Using tools like Google Trends you can get inside other … Continue reading

Oh, Sparkly…

I know, I know…I’ve already posted about Paris, but I can’t help myself! One of the most magical moments of the entire trip was sitting beneath the Eiffel Tower after dark. Granted, it was packed with tourists and the locals were a tad pushy (trying to sell faux roses and all), but it was breathtaking … Continue reading