A Short Biography

I’m a true Floridian, born and raised. I was lucky enough to live in a beautiful suburb of Ft. Lauderdale, called Cooper City, until I was 18. Growing up, my family took a lot of trips, but my favorites were always the cruises. I also found a passion for television production at a young age and decided that’s what I wanted to pursue as a career.

The University of Florida was always my first choice for college. It’s hard to believe how much has changed during these last four years in Gainesville. I’ve also had the opportunity to expand my love for travel by visiting places such as South Korea and Paris. And, of course, I’ve been able to build up my resume with UF’s amazing programs. Sadly, I will soon be leaving Gainesville. I graduate this December and will be starting a new chapter in my life. I’ll admit, I’m pretty excited to see what it brings.


14 thoughts on “A Short Biography

  1. UF was also my first choice for college. I didn’t apply anywhere else because I knew I could never be happy anywhere but here. Your travels sound amazing! I would love to visit Paris someday.

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  3. Ashley, its so cool that UF was your first choice. I was always crazy about coming to UF and it was definitely my first choice too. I feel very lucky and blessed to have been accepted here. I cant believe you graduate in a month omg! I wish you the best of luck!

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  7. Wow! You have traveled to many places and your blog is a great resource for frequent travelers and first time travelers. I’m sure you really enjoyed South Korea, that was probably also a very expensive trip! By the time you’re fifty there will probably be nothing you haven’t seen!

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  10. Ashley, as someone who knew you back when you were a celebrity of CTV News at Cooper City High, I’m so proud of how much you’ve achieved since then. You were always someone I looked up to, and I can’t wait to see what you do after you graduate. 🙂 You’re blog has been fun to read. Although my financial circumstances don’t permit me to travel internationally too often, I am making it a point to see as many places within the continental U.S. as possible!

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